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About us

We are a team of entrepreneur professionals advocated to create and identify investment opportunities in the real estate sector and make them happen.

We start with a real estate market analysis, creating our developments based on the actual demand of the market and the one we project for the following years.

We believe our projects must coexist in an harmonic and sustainable manner with the environment and nature, with this focus is that our “Green” franchise is born, and every development we create is designed to be as eco-friendly as it can possibly be.

We carefully select the locations based on the demand and the actual and future potential of the different areas. We generate the architectonic projects for each development taking care of design and maximum quality in pursue of our customers comfort.

With our multidisciplinary team and our collaborator companies, we entrust the development to prime level professionals and firms.

We are in charge of the commercialization and investors funding for our projects, both directly or with real estate professionals that we trust.

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Our projects

A twenty five residences development on an 8500 square meters...

verdes del este project card
Verdes del Este

A promoted living building in Tres Cruces...

verdes de hocquart project card
Verdes de Hocquart

Next to “Jardines de Carrasco” this housing development will be constructed...

verdes de areco project card
Verdes de Areco

Verdes del Este

A twenty five modern designed houses development on an 8500 square meters site located in front of Carrasco’s International Airport in an area of great potential for development.

A project designed to live surrounded by nature with the security of an apartment. Each house has two levels with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, fireplace, barbecue, a two car garage and a private garden. A private swimming pool will be offered as an extra. Each house will have a central well watering system, that can be used for multiple purposes such as garden irrigation. The development will have a 24/7 security monitored system.

Contact us to know more about promotional prices or to schedule a visit.

Breakground in November 2019, first house will be finished by March 2021. For more information please download the following document.

Verdes de Hocquart

A five floor building with fifteen units of one and two bedrooms of between 46 square meters and 67 square meters and eight indoor garages on the ground floor.

Located on the corner of Hocquart and Juan Paullier, very close to Tres Cruces Shopping, on a peacefull area with great connectivity and lots of services. This will be a green spot in the city thanks to its vertical gardens.

Break ground: January 2021. Delivery of units: July 2022.

Presales with promotional prices, very good profitability and all the benefits of the 18.795 Law

  • ITP exemption
  • VAT exemption
  • Exemption of Property Tax for 10 years
  • Income Tax Exemption on rentals for 10 years.

Verdes de Areco

Next to “Jardines de Carrasco” this housing development will be constructed. Fourteen houses on a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood with a special focus on the security of the compound.

Placed on a 3234 square meters park, with a landscape project that preserves some unique historic trees and plants, this houses have been designed to enjoy the environment and nature of its surroundings.

These houses will have an interior area of 110 square meters with three bedrooms and three bathrooms and an exterior barbecue area of twelve square meters, with its own garden and a common use swimming pool with solarium.

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